April 6, 2023

Mortar Racks

Little J’s makes their very own mortar racks right here in Mid Missouri. We have 6 shot, 24 shot and 50 shot racks. The 6 shot racks come with rebar to anchor down the rack during your shoot to keep everyone safe. The 24 and 50 shot racks are wide bodied/stable and equipped with handles to help you carry out to the shoot site. These are well made, heavy duty racks that have taken a beating from us shooting them multiple times each year. We use yellow pine and HDPE pipe (no skimping with cheap materials). Little J and Cousin Eddie assemble each one of our racks that we sell to make sure that the best possible product is being sold with our seal of approval. The HDPE pipe is cut at 12” in length and has a 1.5” yellow pine plug secured with staples. HDPE is a high density polyethylene that will expand and tear if a mortar discharges in the tube. PVC pipe is very brittle and will explode and send shrapnel dangerously flying if a mortar discharges in the tube. DO NOT USE PVC as mortar tubes. Check out our racks at our website under the mortar racks section.