April 13, 2023


Little J’s sells multiple different types of fuse. We carry slow fuse (burns 25-30 seconds per foot), perfect fuse (burns 9-12 seconds per foot), and fast fuse (burns 1.5-2.5 seconds per foot). We like to wire up our mortar racks with multiple different speeds of fuse. This can take practice to get it right with timing but is worth the time put in. A nicely wired rack can speed up or slow down your fireworks show. This will make your backyard show look like the professionals did it. The other great use for fuse is wiring up multiple 200, 350 and 500 gram cakes. We recommend using perfect fuse or slow fuse to go in between your cakes. Simply cut the fuse to your length that will match the timing of that particular cake. We like to attach our fuse with 2 zip ties and cover with electrical tape. Once you wire up your whole show with only one light you won’t go back to hand lighting every cake. You will now be able to watch your beautiful fireworks show from a safe distance with friends and family. No more hand lighting and looking straight up. Enjoy your 4th of July from a safe distance with a little prep work beforehand by using fuse.

Find fuse on our website under the mortars/racks/fuse section.